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CodeX Assembler

What is CodeX Assembler?

CodeX Assembler ((C) 2002 Marco Kaufmann) is a Freeware assembler for x86 platforms that supports in the current version 1.0 and version 2.34 of the Opcode Map the instruction sets of all Intel CPUs (including the numerical Co - processors) up to the Pentium IV as well as the AMD 3D Now! instruction set. The assembler includes an integrated linker and generates the following target formats: Later versions of CodeX Assembler also will support 32 Bit Windows applications (Console / GUI) and 32 Bit Windows DLLs as well as 16 - and 32 Bit CodeX units as target format.

Why use CodeX Assembler?

CodeX Assembler provides some advantages facing other x86 - assemblers: , to name just a few. For further details see CodeX Assembler documentation.

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