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The PM Loader

The CodeX Assembler Protected Mode Loader is needed by 32 bit DOS Protected Mode applications in order to run, since each DOS application starts in Real Mode by default. At first, DOS loads the PM Loader, that switches into 32 bit protected Mode then and loads the main part of the application.

The Protected Mode Loader itself is a program that was wrote for and compiled by CodeX Assembler as 16 bit DOS application. The binary of the loader, that is used by CodeX Assembler for creating 32 bit DOS applications (it gets linked into the programs binary) is the file bin\loader.dat in the directory of the assembler. You simply can update the CodeX Assembler protected Mode Loader by replacing this binary.

The current version of CodeX Assembler Protected Mode Loader is 1.1 from 2003/01/02. This version runs on all DOS platforms: on native DOS environments as well as on all known Windows version.

Attention: The CodeX Assembler PM Loader is no DOS Extender, that means, in a native (16 Bit) DOS environment there has to be loaded a 32 bit DOS PM interface like CWSDPMI additionally in order to be able to run 32 Bit DOS applications that use the CodeX Assembler Protected Mode Loader.
The 32 bit DPMI host CWSDPMI by Charles W. Sandmann is Freeware and may be downloaded here also.